Prototype Automatic Travelling Water Screen Cleaner using Fuzzy Logic Method

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Gigih Setya Laksana
Ii Munadhif
Edy Setiawan


Traveling Water Screen Cleaner or TWS is a tool
found in the Circulation Water Pump (CWP) area of PLTU Tanjung
Awar-awar Tuban. TWS itself is aimed at filtering relatively small
waste. After being filtered, the garbage will be collected in a channel
and will be pushed using a backwash pump to the reservoir. Then the
water that has been filtered using TWS will be flowed to the Water
Treatment Pump (WTP) area using the Sea Water Supply Pump
(SWSP) pump for the Reverse Osmosis (RO) process, which is to
convert sea water into fresh water. The TWS in the Tanjung Awarawar PLTU has been running manually by pressing a button on the
control panel and the speed of the motor that is based on the water
level before TWS and in TWS. So that often there is damage to the
motor drive because the monitoring function of the system is lacking.
Meanwhile, in the Reverse Osmosis process, damage to the
membrane filter often occurs. This is because when the pH content
is not as it should be. So in this final project a tool is made that can
solve these problems. The level detection sensor in this final project
has a good value reading with an average error of 0.09%, then for
the pH sensor it has an average error value of 0.016%. Then the
output from the sensor is processed by the fuzzy logic method with
an average error value of 0.0005% for the motor and 0.078% for the
pump. As for the time response to reach an average output value of
19.4 seconds. Overall this prototype runs in accordance with the
system process.

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