Structural Analysis of Cradle Construction

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Adi Wirawan Husodo
Sumardiono .
Muhamad Ari
Moh. Miftachul Munir


This present paper gives the analytical overview of
stress and fatigue behaviors for cradle construction. The main
objective of this research is to analyze the static and fatigue
characteristics of cradle constrcution under designed maximum
working load. The static characteristics studied here are
equivalent stress and total deformation, while the fatigue
characteristics are safety factor and estimated stuctural life. The
finite element method is used to analyze both characteritics. The
cradle construction is modeled as solid beam element. The
maximum working load used is modeled as two concentrated
loads and the support type used is cylindirical type. Results show
that all characteristics comply with the standard requirements,
especially for yield requirement and deformation. However, due
to small value difference of safety factor, it is advisable to reduce
the maximum working load.

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Maritime technology

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