Pengaruh Material PDM dan Alloy 31 terhadap Korosi dan Life Time pada Impeller Pompa pada Aliran Fluida Asam Phospat

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Subagio So’im
Budi Prasojo
Fipka Bisono
Endah Wismawati
Moh. Khoirul U.M
Elisa Dewanti
Safira Rizqi NI


The problem that occurs in petrochemical plants is the frequent occurrence of corrosion in materials caused by phosphoric acid type fluid which has a high acidity. To overcome this problem, replacement of material which is more durable to corrosion is carried out. In this final project will discuss about testing PDM material and Alloy 31 with a sample of 4 specimens. In this final project, there is Potentiostat Test to determine the corrosion rate of both materials. Electro chemical testing process refers to ASTM G-102. From the results of these tests will get the results of the corrosion rate that will be able to calculate the value of life time on the material. Manual calculation and CFD modeling using ANSYS software. Based on the results of tests and analyzes that have been done, the PDM corrosion rate is greater than that of Alloy 31 material. The corrosion rate of PDM material is 0.01724975 mm / year, while Alloy 31 is 0.00985855 mm / year. From the calculation of the centrifugal pump impeller speed manually is 95.58 m / s, while using ANSYS modeling is 95.195 m / s. PDM material erosion rate is 12,549 mm / year, Alloy 31 material is 11,0729 mm / year. After that, from the results of life time calculation on the impeller, it is found that Alloy 31 material can last up to 5,068 months (5 month), while PDM is only capable of up to 2,981 months (3 month).

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