Scaffolding Learning in Teaching Applied Mathematics: A Review in Engineering Polytechnic Education

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Endang Pudji Purwanti
Perwi Darmajanti


Teaching mathematics plays an ultimate role in engineering polytechnic education which mathematics is one of the fundamentals of any science and engineering. Therefore a better understanding on mathematics concepts supports valuable contribution to students in mastering concepts of engineering and the implementation. Considering the important role of mathematics does not mean that teaching mathematics is less challenge since students’ motivation is not adequate enough to encourage learning. This leads to low academic achievement. Therefore, teachers need to develop a teaching approach which
facilitate student to increase motivation as well as academic achievement. To reach the purposes of the teaching, teaching mathematic in Shipbuilding State Polytechnic of Surabaya use scaffolding learning which gives not only path for students to learn mathematic step by step, but also means to solve problems related to science and engineering.

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Seminar MASTER 2019