Analysis of Land Transport Comparison with Water Transport for Coal Transportation

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Arif Fadillah
Shanty Manullang
Muhammad Kurniawan
Putra Pratama


Coal is one of the most abundant energy resources in Indonesia. At present, coal in Indonesia is not only an export commodity producing foreign exchange, but also began to be used as a source of energy to replace oil and natural gas. Coal demand is still high for export and domestic needs, coal production in one area of the Province of South Kalimantan will be increased from 8,000,000 tons / year to 10,000,000 tons / year.Increasing the amount of production requires appropriate transportation so that production can be achieved. The calculation of the comparison of coal transportation starts from
the transport capacity, the capacity of the freight transportation based on the graph of the travel schedule,Land transportation used is a 30 ton capacity truck and the water transport used is a 180 feet barge with a capacity of 1,000 tons. Based on the results from the analysis, land transportation production is 8,466.120
tons. The amount of production cannot be increased because the capacity of the cargo has been maximal and the number of queues of vehicles is tide. Based on the results of calculations, the best transportation for coal transportation is water transportation.

Keywords—Coal; Transport Capacity; Comparison Transportation; Coal Transportation.

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