Relay Protection of Over Voltage, Under Voltage and Unbalance Voltage Magnitude Based on Visual Basic Using Arduino Mega

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Kukuh Widarsono
Moh. Jauhari
Anggika Lutfi Dzuhuri


Electrical energy is widely used by most humans, especially the use of electrical loads that are sensitive to damage. To secure electrical loads that are sensitive to damage, protection system are needed, especially in this problem is the voltage disturbance. This research tries to solve the problem of over voltage, under voltage and unbalance voltage with a visual basic based voltage protection system. This system research use visual basic as an interface and as a data logger to facilitate the operator in analyzing disturbances, and with the help of the Arduino Mega2560 microcontroller which can be used to process and send data to visual basic. This protection system has a tolerance of +10% and -5% of the set point voltage (mesh). Thus this research is expected to help users to more easily monitor and analyze interference.

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Seminar MASTER 2019