Studi Emisi Gas Buang 4 Stroke SI Engine Dengan Multi Fuel Reformer Berbahan Bakar Blended Gasoline-Ethanol

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George E Kusuma
Mardi Santoso
Sryang T Sarena
Anda Iviana
Ekky Budiyanto
Emie Santoso


Abstract— The limitations of energy sources and the threat of global warming to the environment are two substantial aspects that encourage the use of biofuel based fuels, especially alcohol. The availability of raw materials to produce alcohol is very abundant and is quickly produced using locally simple technology. These factors provide opportunities for engine development with multi-fuel based alcohol in particular. Some Ether / Alcohol fuels are commonly used as low additives for gasoline fuels to increase Octane numbers as well as oxygen fractions. Alcohol combustion process that occurs cleaner and carbon monoxide (CO) production is lower than gasoline. In general, alcohol can be used as pure fuel in Spark Ignition (SI) engines but requires some modification of additional tools on the engine. This research resulted in additional tools in the form of Multi-Fuel Reformer (MFR) 4-stroke stroke Engine so that the engine can adapt and be compatible with Blended fuel Gasoline-Ethanol. The addition of the MFR tothe SI Engine reduces carbon monoxide (CO) emissions significantly compared to without a single-fuel MFR of gasoline up to 18.85%. The addition of MFR with the use of 10-30% blended fuel to the engine can reduce CO emissions by an average of 65.63% compared to engines with 10-30% blended fuel ethanol without using MFR.
Keywords—Multi Fuel Reformer, Blended Fuel, SI Engine, ethanol

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Seminar MASTER 2019