Critical Link Identification of Bilge Pump Wiri

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Muhamad Ari
Rona Riantini


There are several causes that were identified as the reasons of bilge pump system failure. One of the subsystems that frequently causing the bilge pump failure is its electrical system. This paper tries to identify critical link of three types of bilge pump wiring: commonly used wiring, the modified one using relay to minimize wire size, and the one using double float switches to prevent the pump from running on and off in short bursts. Qualitative Fault Tree Analysis was employed to identify minimal cut sets, focusing on automatic system failure as top event. The result shows that in terms of critical link, commonly
used wiring is better than two other modification wiring. Unfortunately, all of three cut sets can be categorized as single failure point, because it only contain one element in one cut sets, if one of them fails it will directly lead to the top event.

Keywords—bilge pump wiring; qualitative Fault Tree Analysis; critical link

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