Analisis Probabilitas Human Error pada Pekerjaan Grinding dengan Metode HEART

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Lukman Handoko
Haidar Natsir Amrullah


Based on accident report in Construction and Fabrication Company from 2015 to 2018 which showed the highest accident rate is on grinding operation. The percentage of those accident on grinding operation reached 26% during 4 years. The main accident caused by human error with a percentage 66.67%. This study aims to determine the value of Human Error Probability (HEP) in order to determine to find out the highest cause of an error, to minimize human error potential, and to determine recommendations. The data obtained is processed using the HEART method (Human Error Assessment and Reduction Technique). The highest value of human error probability (HEP) is 0.71324, namely in task 4.1.1 which is on activities of checking the protector or security guards. Impact assessment is carried out to determine the risk rating of error and possible error. Several recommendations are given and prioritized based on the highest HEP value and risk rating high using error reduction analysis approach, namely give an evaluation and explanation to the operator team of grinding operation which is related to the protective feasibility process, and give an internal training that is appropriate to the requirements related to the grinding operation.

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