Evaluasi Jalur Evakuasi dengan Mempertimbangkan Waktu Evakuasi pada Dinas Tenaga Kerja Kabupaten Gresik

  • Faradhiba Nurhaliza Putri Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
  • Mochammad Luqman Ashari
  • Mades Darul Khairansyah
Keywords: Evacuation Route, Assembly Point, Evacuation Time


Gresik Regency is one of the areas that has a high potential to be hit by a disaster which requires disaster mitigation efforts. One of the mitigation efforts that can be done is to provide an evacuation route. Evaluation of evacuation routes and means is one of the efforts to reduce casualties in the event of a disaster or unwanted event. The implementation of evacuation routes must be carried out thoroughly, especially for government buildings that store important documents, one of which is (the Gresik Regency Manpower Office). The process of evaluating existing conditions is carried out together with expert judgment to find out in detail the condition of the implementation of the evacuation route. Based on the evaluation that has been carried out, the results show that the implementation of the evacuation route at the Gresik Regency Manpower Office is not comprehensive, so that evacuation time cannot be calculated. Based on the design results, 3 (three) different evacuation routes were obtained for each area. In addition, based on the results of the calculation of evacuation time based on the 2016 SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering Fifth Edition, it was found that the fastest evacuation time was 5,698 minutes on evacuation route 2 and the longest evacuation time is on evacuation route 1 with a time of 11,811 minutes.