Analisis Penentuan Komponen Kritis Small Excavator Menggunakan Metode FMEA dan Diagram Pareto

  • Diah Ayu Nurjanah Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
  • Imah Luluk Kusminah
  • Aulia Nadia Rachmat
Keywords: Critical components, Excavator, FMEA, Pareto, RPN


Construction activities involve stages of construction, operation, maintenance, dismantling, and reconstruction of a building. One of the construction activities in Indonesia is the construction of a double-track railway line. In the project of constructing the double-track railway line, there is a small excavator  A that frequently experiences failures. The excavator  is used for excavation work, land stripping, and embankment. The failures that occur can disrupt the construction process and result in financial losses for the company. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the components of the excavator  to identify the critical components. The creation of the Functional Block Diagram (FBD) aims to illustrate the workflow of the excavator , which facilitates the creation of the Failure mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). The determination of critical components uses the FMEA method, which is employed to identify how equipment, facilities, or systems can fail and the resulting effects. The FMEA method allows for risk ranking using the Risk Priority Number (RPN). The results from the RPN analysis are then analyzed using a Pareto diagram to determine the critical components of the excavator . The critical components can be determined using the Pareto diagram principle, which follows the 80-20 rule stating that 20% of the components will represent 80% of the total components. The determination of the RPN is based on interviews with expert judgment. The study shows that the excavator 's working system consists of six subsystems: electrical, control, hydraulic, engine, lower structure, and upper structure. The results from the FMEA and Pareto diagram indicate that there are three critical components: the track shoe component with a failure mode of loose shoe bolts, having an RPN value of 60, the hydraulic pump component with a failure mode of damaged regulator seal kit, having an RPN value of 32, and the oil filter with a failure mode of damage, having an RPN value of 32.