Pengaruh Stres Kerja dan Lingkungan Kerja Fisik Terhadap Beban Kerja Fisik pada Operator Pesawat Angkat di Perusahaan Jasa Petikemas

  • Aulia Nadia Rachmat
  • Farizi Rachman
Keywords: Physical Workload, Work Climate, Noise, Physical Work Environment, Work Stress


The Container Service Company is engaged in running its business as a provider of facilities and services related to containers. Lift aircraft become an important facility in operational activities run by operators. Busy operator work activities, short rest periods, and there are records of accidents involving operators during 2022 make it necessary to analyze the physical load experienced by lift aircraft operators. This study aims to analyze the effect of work stress and physical work environment (noise and work climate) on physical workload. The method of calculating physical workload variables uses the percentage of cardiovascular load, work stress variables using work stress questionnaires in the Minister of Manpower Regulation Number 5 of 2018, noise variables using Daily Noise Dose, and work climate using SNI 7061:2019. Influence testing method using ordinal logistic regression test. The results of simultaneous testing show that work stress, noise, and work climate simultaneously affect physical workload with p-value (0.003) < 0.05. The partial test results showed that each work stress and noise had a significant effect on physical workload with work stress having a p-value (0.012) < 0.05 and noise having a p-value (0.012) < 0.05. Recommendations that can be given in the form of repairs to damage to trolley parts, repairs to damage to door and window components, installing soundproofing materials in the operator's cabin, training, improving the quality of the K3 program, establishing an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), scheduling lubricant checks and replacements, scheduling trolley rail maintenance, procuring artificial ventilation components, installing PPE announcements and signs, PPE inspections, scheduling PPE procurement, equips RTG operators with full body harnesses, fastens seat belts on operator seats, and provides ear plug.