The Cooling Application Rate dalam Pemadaman Kebakaran di Tangki Timbun Bahan Bakar Minyak (BBM) Cooling Application Rate in Oil Storage Tank Fire

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Yudith Vega Paramitadevi
Muhammad Emir Habibie


Fire protection systems of storage tanks to prevent catastrophic events are very important. Flux radiation heat from fire materials containing hydrocarbons is being difficult to control due to the storage tank structure and environmental conditions. The aim of this research was to calculate the cooling application rate of a fuel storage tank exposed to fire using a water spray system. The level of heat flux from the storage tank was calculated and used to formulate the cooling water requirements in various tank temperature. Pool fire was assumed without considering wind, smoke combustion, attenuation of atmospheric radiation heat so that the cooling application rate obtained are 0.0091 L / m2 s to 0.0934 L / m2 s (0.6 L / m2 min to 5.6 L / m2 min) based on dimensions and distances between tanks. The maximum cooling application rate of NFPA-15 is 0.17 L / m2 sec (10.2 L / m2 min). The distance between the storage tanks as far as 24 m in accordance with the criteria. If the level water demand increases in the main storage tank, the water demand for the next storage tank will be decreases, the water demand per unit area also decreases too.

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