Penerapan Metode RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) Pada Sistem Bahan Bakar (Fuel Oil System) Kapal TB.BLORO 10

  • Mukhsin Al Amin
  • Nurvita Arumsari
  • Endah Wismawati
  • Icuk Kurniawan
Keywords: Main Engine , scheduling maintenance , ship


- Main Engine is one of the important compartments on the ship which is located in the
engine room. Has a function as a propulsion driver and as the main propulsion engine of the
ship. With such an important position, scheduling maintenance on the Main Engine is very
important to do. Because if the main engine is not running, then there will be no operation of
the propulsion system on the ship and it will definitely be very detrimental to the ship owner.
This final project attempts to answer these demands by creating a maintenance schedule for the
main engine fuel system. In addition, the total operating costs which consist of running,
maintenance and downtime costs will also be taken into consideration in determining the
maintenance time. In this research, scheduling of main engine maintenance is carried out using
reliability centered maintenance which is used to select, develop, and create alternative
maintenance strategies based on operational, economic and safety criteria. Based on the failure
analysis using Failure Mode Effect Analysis, several component failures were identified, such
as the fuel injection pump (worn drive shaft, worn governor plunger, fuel gear pump lacking
lubrication), injector nozzle (damaged nozzle tip, burrel plunger seal, M/E performance was
not optimal ), gate valve (nut valve difficult to operate, disk valve has a leak, gasket on valve),
fuel oil transfer pump (bearing wear, pump impeller corrosion, shaft corrosion), swing check
valve (crusted disk valve, valve gasket), fuel filter (dirty fuel filter), quick closing valve (crusted
disk valve, gasket valve).