Desain Sistem Pemadam Kebakaran Jalur Hydrant pada Galangan di Kalimantan

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Keywords: Hydrant System, Hydrant Pillar, Pipe Routing, Head Losses, Pump Selection.


Shipyards have facilities that have the potential to cause fires because there is work that generates
heat and contains flammable materials. The existing hydrant system at the shipyard is still simple and does not
cover the entire area. Therefore, it is necessary to plan a hydrant system that can cover all areas in accordance
with NFPA and SNI standards. Planning begins with determining the number and placement of hydrant pillars,
pipe routing, head loss calculations, and pump selection. The pipeline requires 7.776 m of 8-inch pipe, and 6-
inch pipe requires 1915.477 m of pipe. The total head losses obtained from the calculation at the farthest
hydrant pillar is 217.426 m. The selected pump is a Wilo 150 GF with a pump head of 240 m and a capacity of
1250 US GPM.