Desain Ballast Water Treatment System Kapal Sesuai Standar IMO

  • Naufal Adi Hidayah
  • Eko Julianto
  • Lely Pramesti
Keywords: Ballast Water, International Maritime Organization (IMO), Ballast Water Treatment System, Filter electrolysis.


The ballast water system are important to maintain ships’s stability during voyage especially when ship
not carrying any cargo. The exchange of ballast water were considered as the main cause of microorganism and
bacterias spreading that damaging port water ecosystems. To prevent the damage from harmful microorganism and
bacterias on ballast water discharge, in 2004 International Maritime Organization (IMO) established and adopted
Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC). Before complying with IMO BWMC standard, MT Gunung
Geulis’s existing ballast water system were evaluated and the result says that MT Gunung Geulis are not compatible
with IMO BWMC standard because still using ballast water exchange method to manage their ballast water. To
comply with IMO BWMC standard, MT Gunung Geulis need to added ballast water treatment system (BWTS). Based
on journal review to comparing BWTS treatment methods says that filtration + electrolysis method giving the highest
efficiency on removing microorganism and bacterias from ballast water. BWTS unit installed on MT Gunung Geulis
had three main equipment, filtration unit, electrolysis unit and neutralizer unit from Ocean Guard to be located on
turbine and partial deck Filtration unit and electrolysis unit are operated on ballasting process and neutralization
unit injecting neutralizer on deballasting process..