Analisis Kekuatan Dan Kelelahan Konstruksi Pondasi Mesin Kapal General Cargo 6088 GT

  • Nina Bonita
  • Adi Wirawan Husodo
  • Heroe Poernomo
Keywords: Main Engine, Finite Element Method, Fatigue


A ship inspection outside the inspection schedule is called an additional inspection.
The 6088 GT general cargo ship conducted an additional inspection because the main
engine failed to operate and replaced the wuxi antai power X8320ZC4B-1 engine weighing
26700 kg with a yanmar 8N330-WU engine weighing 43000 kg. It is necessary to recalculate
the strength of the main engine foundation. Because the main engine foundation is the
structural support of all the loads above it including the engine itself. After the calculation of
strength, it is necessary to calculate fatigue, after calculating the fatigue of the main engine
foundation, the estimated age of the engine foundation will be known so that the owner can
schedule a replacement according to the ship's inspection schedule. In completing this Final
Project, the method used is the finite element method with input 3D modelling of the
foundation and its loading conditions in the Finite Element Method software. The results of
the analysis can be seen from the load given of 421400 N with variations in the main engine
at 100% rpm conditions and at service speed, the maximum stress obtained is 39.935 MPa
with a permit stress value of 230 MPa, while the maximum deformation that occurs is 0,097
mm with a permit deflection value of 12.300 mm. Then obtained a cycle value of 82129000,
the estimated fatigue life of the main engine foundation is 25.65 years