• Maulana Muslim Dianto
  • Budi Prasojo
  • Subagio Soim
Keywords: eye pad modification, hook, lift, tensile stress, shear stress.


The function of the pad eye provides a point where the pulley can be hooked directly according
to the design. The pad eye is installed by welding on the desired area. In the process of installing the pad
eye, there are obstacles experienced, for example in the installation of the pad eye which takes time due
to the improper welding and welding process. The pad eye modification was carried out to make it easier
to do the installation quickly. The pad eye modification has a clamp that can be adjusted in width
according to the support. The first step of this pad eye modification is modeling to find out the appropriate
design on the support, after which material selection is carried out. Followed by the calculation of
allowable stress, tensile and shear. After the calculation results meet the safety criteria, proceed with
testing the pad eye modification using a load cell. The calculation obtained is the largest tensile stress of
18.387 MPa, the largest shear stress of 45.969 MPa of the two stresses compared to the permit stress of
72 MPa, so it can meet the safety criteria. The bolt strength value is 7.661 MPa from these results
compared to the permit voltage of 60 MPa. The calculation results show that the pad eye modification
construction meets the safety criteria. In strength testing, it is concluded that the pad eye modification is
able to lift loads from 500kg to 1500kg.