Analisis Kekuatan dan Umur Kelelahan (Fatigue Life) Terhadap Pondasi Crane SWL 3,6 Ton pada Kapal LCT 31 Meter dengan Metode FEM (Finite Element Method)

  • Achmad Masykurozi
  • Adi Wirawan Husodo
  • Benedicta Dian Alfanda
Keywords: LCT Ship, Crane Foundation, Fatigue, Finite Element Method.


– LCT is are transport vessels that can approach platforms and jetties. LCT vessels are equipped
with cranes to facilitate the delivery and transfer of accommodation needs on the ship. Therefore, it is
necessary to plan a crane foundation that can withstand the weight of the crane itself and the load lifted
by the crane. The 31-meter LCT ship suffered damage to the crane foundation due to static loads, so it is
necessary to replace the new crane foundation. In this Final Project, we will analyze the strength and
fatigue life of the 3.6 ton SWL crane foundation on a 31-meter LCT ship in order to minimize the risk of
work accidents and estimate the fatigue life of the new crane foundation. To complete this Final Project,
the method used is the finite element method by creating a model in AutoCAD 2016 software and analyzing
it in the finite element method software. The results of the analysis show that the von mises stress that
occurs is 124.53 MPa, while the maximum deflection that occurs is 1.54 mm and the safety factor value
is 1.525. These stresses and deflections are in accordance with BKI rules because they do not exceed the
allowable stress of 190 MPa and the allowable deflection of 2.75 mm. And for the estimated fatigue life
of the crane foundation of 28.62 years.