Perencanaan Konfigurasi Layout Slipway Untuk Meningkatkan Kapasitas Winch Pada Galangan X

  • Muhammad Irzam Amrizal
  • Adi Wirawan Husodo
  • Heroe Poernomo
Keywords: Docking, Slipway Airbag, Winch, Layout Slipway, Pulley


This research the planning of slipway layout configuration to increase the capacity
of the existing winch at the shipyard. The slipway layout configuration includes several things
such as slipway layout, number of Pulleys turns, Pulley position, and ground conditions. This
research aims to determine the maximum safe working load value of wire rope, the pulling
force of each ship that will be docking, and the appropriate number of turns on the Pulley. The
ship variations used to plan the slipway layout configuration are 10813 DWT container ship,
8200 DWT container ship and 7080 DWT cargo ship. Variations are made to determine the
number of Pulley requirements and Pulley windings for each ship that will be docked. The
maximum force calculation results show that the 10813 DWT container ship requires 13 Pulley
windings. while the 8200 DWT container ship requires 11 Pulley windings. The 7080 DWT
ship requires 9 Pulley windings. In planning the slipway layout configuration to increase the
winch capacity, 1 Pulley is added to the fixed pulley and 1 Pulley to the moving Pulley so that
13 turns are obtained.