Kajian Numerik Penerapan Turbin Hydrokinetic Darrieus Sebagai Wave and Current Energy Converter Dengan Variasi Sudut Serang dan Solidity

  • Muhamad Agus Prasetyo M
  • Burniadi Moballa
  • George Endri Kusuma
Keywords: Hydrokinetic Darrieus turbine, solidity and angle of attack, wave and current energy


The ocean is the largest source of potential energy in Indonesian country, one potential that
can be expoloites is energy from sea wave and current which can be alternative to meet national energy
needs, ocean wave and current energy includes EBT resources which is rarely explored. Ocean wave and
current energy conversion can be converted into electrical energy by use the movement of sea water
wave, hydrokinetic Darrieus tubine is a conversion tool that can be used to convert kinetic energy into
mechanical energy, In this case study, used angle of attack and solidity variation of the hydrokinetic
Darrieus tubine were used, the wave data used is the Southern Waters of Java Island, which is precisely
at Tanjung Bili Beach, Malang. By ussing airfoil NACA 0018 and profile Darrieus turbine diameter of 1
m. Produce RMS CT and CP values with the stable is found on the solidty variation 0,15 with angle of
attack 10
o TSR 0,25 omega (?) 0,5 with RMS value of CT 0,1512 and CP 0,075.