• Wendhy Yozam
  • Abdul Gafur
  • Subagio Soim
Keywords: SPOB, Ship Resistance, Gearbox, EPM, Propeller Diamter, Speed Power Prediction, Sea Trial.


In this final project, the performance of the propulsion system on the ship is analyzed SPOB.
Sultan Samudera. With This is done to minimize errors in the selection or determination of gearboxes
and other engines. The methods used are Engine Propeller Matching and Speed Power Prediction
which will be compared with the sea trial report. Calculation of ship resistance is done manually using
the Holtrop method at a speed of 10 knots, the results of engine propeller matching are used to
determine the Match Point obtained, based on the calculation of the resistance obtained by the ship's
resistance value Rt = 91.045 Kn. The power requirements obtained are 1658,000 HP on the 2 Main
Engines used and 817,694 HP per engine based on the main engine that has been determined. Then the
Propeller type is Ka 4-70 with P/Db 1.100 meters and propeller efficiency (?) 0.561, the propeller does
not cavitate and the match point in rough hull conditions against Gearbox Ratio 7.42: 1 occurs at
88.96% at 1900 rpm while at Gearbox Ratio 5: 1 rough hull conditions occurred at 290.74% at 1900
rpm, then in the Speed Power Prediction conditions compared to the Sea Trial "Against the Current"
at a speed of 8.8 knots, the match point was obtained at 1600 rpm at 8.1 knots, while at Gearbox Ratio
5: 1 with a speed of 8.8 knots obtained a meeting point at 1160 rpm engine speed at 6.4 knots with
known Sea Trial results, so the Gearbox Ratio of 7.42: 1 is quite close to the actual data owned by the
company with the calculations obtained.