Parametric Studi Desain Kapal Patroli Fiber Reinforced Plastic untuk Perawatan Lampu Approach Bandara di Kepulauan Natuna

  • Naufal Salehtra Ghalib
  • Mardi Santoso
  • Aang Wahidin
Keywords: FRP, Patrol Boats, Stability, HSC ANNEX 8.


The condition of Indonesia as an island nation that has many islands with potential for tourism
and investment in the field of natural resources is abundant. The construction of airports in the islands
is an effort to support this potential, but due to limited land, some airport equipment that is important
and not eliminable is placed in the water area. Patrol boats are very important, to assist in airport
operations, especially for maintenance of equipment placed in the waters. So a patrol boat with FRP
(Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) material was designed. From the research conducted, the ship is designed
to have a speed of 20 knots with the main size of the ship, namely 13 meters long, 3.6 meters wide, 1.5
meters high, 0.6 meters of water level obtained from the ratio comparison of existing comparison ships.
From modeling using the size of the ship that has been obtained, the linesplan as found Picture 2, and
the general plan as found in Picture 8 are also obtained after the calculation stages. The patrol boat is
designed using 2 Yanmar 6LY400 engines, with a ZF 115 ATS gearbox and a B5-105 type propeller, from
the propulsion system the ship can reach a speed of 21.31 knots at 100% engine power. The patrol boat
in this study is analyzed for stability with eight conditions where all conditions meet the rules and criteria
of HSC 2000 ANNEX 8.