Optimasi Konversi Daya Turbin Angin Melalui Pengaturan Tsr (Tip Speed Ratio) dan Jenis Turbin

  • Reynaldi Aurel Fadiilah
  • Mardi Santoso
  • Mohammad Abu Jami'in
  • George Endri Kusuma
  • Didik Sukoco
Keywords: : Power optimization, Wind Turbine, Maximum Power Point Tracking or Alogarithm Power Sampling.


Society is very dependent on fossil fuels, and currently Indonesia does not have
excess oil reserves. According to the DEN, oil reserves will be exhausted in the next nine
years. As an alternative, wind turbines can be used. However, the factor hindering this
deployment is the design of the wind turbines, which is lacking. MPPT is used in wind
turbines to optimize performance by determining the state of the wind turbine, then
calculating the power sampling algorithm, and then calculating the overall performance and
efficiency of the wind turbine. State 1, Vci 1 m/s, Vr 6 m/s, and Vco 8 m/s provide the highest
power of the three. The H_Single Cp 0.47 and Tsr 4.5 turbines with a ratio of one rotor are
suitable for use in several areas on the island of Java. If you want a greater output power
from a wind turbine, then you can use a turbine with dual rotors, namely the HCR turbine,
because it is capable of producing almost twice as much as a turbine with one rotor. The
area with the most potential to generate electricity is in the Tuban area. Overall efficiency
with a maglev wind generator (model WKG-1000-200r) gives a Savonius efficiency of 18.2%,
an H-Darrieus efficiency of 22.1%, an HCR efficiency of 63%, and an H-Single efficiency of