Desain Dan Analisis Kekuatan Struktur Kontruksi Kapal Patroli 13 Meter Menggunakan Finite Element Method (FEM)

  • Rahmat Rosid
  • Mardi Santoso
  • Benedicta Dian Alfanda
Keywords: Patrol Boat, Scantling, Slamming Load, Stress.


In the process of maintaining security and maintenance of the approach lighting
system (ALS) at the airport area in Natuna which was built on the Natuna coast. So we
need a patrol boat that can meet the criteria in terms of the strength of the ship's structure
to maneuver properly and accept internal and external loads. Structural capabilities that
are sufficiently safe are permitted according to BKI rules for ships made of fiberglass
reinforced plastic. Case of slamming loading, it will be analyzed whether it is sufficiently
safe in terms of the strength of the construction structure on the 13-meter patrol boat that
loading may occur due to ship operations in the area around the airport. The initial
calculation is to calculate the scantling with a scantling weight of 2,226 tons and then draw
the construction in accordance with the lines plan and general arrangement of the 13 meter
patrol boat. Followed by the provision of a static load from slamming loading of 15,237
KPa when the ship is at full speed of 20 knots to find out the response from the ship's
construction made of FRP. The value analyzed is the maximum stress (von mises) using the
Finite Element Method (FEM) with static structural analysis and slamming loading in the
form of pressure on the software as the method chosen in this study. Then raises the stress
value in the ANSYS software, the maximum stress value that occurs in the construction is
13.808 MPa and from this maximum stress value the safety factor value can be calculated
to find out how safe the ship's construction is if it is given a slamming load on the ship. The
safety factor value in this study is 7,097. From the value of the safety factor it is known
that the ship is still able to accept slamming loads at full speed.