Kajian Eksperimen Pengaruh Variasi Diameter Stagger Silinder Di Depan Returning Blade Turbin Angin Savonius Overlap Tipe Myring N=1

  • Nurman Dwi Harmaji
  • Priyo Agus S
  • Projek Priyonggo Sumangun
Keywords: Experiments, Savonius Wind Turbine, Overlap Ratio, Stagger Cylinders, Coefficient of Torque, Coefficient of Power, Myring.


Based on previous research, the performance of Savonius Overlap wind turbine with
additional cylinders had increased but it could still be improved to reach the highest performance.
Based on this condition, this experiment was carried out by using a Savonius wind turbine by
changing blade with Myring n = 1 and adding an Overlap Ratio of 0.3 to the turbine blade. Its
diameter and height are 40 cm. The stagger cylinder is placed with a distance ratio of S/d 1.7 and
uses various diameter ratio 0.4 0.5 0.6 and 0.7. The wind speed is arranged by varying the speed
of 5 , 6 and 7 m/s. This experiment was conducted to determine effect of additional circular
cylinder to Coefficient Power (Cp) and Coefficient Torque (Ct). The final result shows that the
best performance increase occurs in the variation of interfering cylinder diameter ratio ds/D = 0.4
with a wind speed of 6 m/s. The increase in the Coefficient Torque (Ct) is 9.58% and the
Coefficient Power (Cp) is 21.56% for the Savonius Myring wind turbine n = 1 Overlap without
interfering cylinders.