Kajian Numerik Penerapan Heat Pump sebagai Sarana Penyimpanan Energi Skala Jala-Jala dari Pembangkit Energi Terbarukan

  • Refi Afrilia
  • Eko Julianto
  • Burniadi Moballa
Keywords: heat storage, heat pump new renewable energy, process simulation.


Utilization of New Renewable Energy (EBT) today must be carried out because of its abundant
potential. One of the uses is to use energy storage with a heat pump system sourced from EBT. To support
this, it is necessary to use a heat exchanger in an energy storage system which is expected to make the
heating or cooling system faster with the right refrigerant. Therefore, a study was carried out using the
application of a heat pump system with the addition of a heat exchanger as a place to store energy
originating from Renewable Energy. The method used is process simulation using DWSIM. The refrigerant
used is R-600a, R-407C. R-410a, R-22, and ammonia. Ammonia was chosen because it produces a
Coefficient of Performance of 3.012 with a condenser outlet temperature of 102.854°C. The storage
medium used is silica sand.