Perencanaan Main Engine dan Propeller pada Kapal Pencalang 15 GT

  • Rama Kurniadhani Atmaja
  • Abdul Gafur
  • Bambang Antoko
Keywords: Propeller, Ship Resistance, Main Engine, Engine Propeller Matching.


Planning for the selection of the propulsion system on the Pencalang 15 GT ship is carried
out in order to avoid any errors in determining the main engine and propeller. Calculation of
resistance and ship engine power requirements is carried out using the Holtrop method in modeling
software to select the appropriate main engine. The propeller selection is carried out with the
consideration that it does not exceed the maximum diameter limit and the propeller does not
experience cavitation. Matching points are carried out by plotting engine power, engine speed and
propeller load characteristics in trial and service conditions with the highest percentage of matching
point values.