Kajian Numerik Penerapan Organic Rankine Cycle sebagai Metode Energi Take-Off dari Penyimpanan Energi Termal Skala Jala-Jala

  • Dwiyan Bagus Prayoga
  • Burniadi Moballa
  • Pranowo Sidi
Keywords: Organic Rankine Cycle, process simulation, thermal energy storage,, working fluid


Energy is a need that must be met in human life, if the population increases, the need for energy
will also increase. A technology is needed to support human energy needs. Therefore, low temperature heat
utilization is carried out using the Organic Rankine Cycle as an energy take off from a grid-scale thermal
energy storage in the form of sand media where the heat stored is heat wasted from the heat pump. After the
process simulation is carried out, the best and feasible fluid to run the system from an ammonia heat pump
is N-Pentane with an efficiency of 7.074%. The storage medium is silica sand. The heat exchanger design on
the tube has an outer diameter of 60.3 mm for the ORC and 42.2 mm for the heat pump with an inner diameter
of 54.8 mm for the ORC tube and 32.5 mm for the heat pump. The length of the heat exchanger design pipe
is 165,57 m for the ORC and 479,23 m for the heat pump.