Redesign Sistem Pengering Pada Mesin Freezer Multifungsi Dengan Memanfaatkan Panas Dari Kondensor

  • Yogi Sandi Pratama
  • Projek Priyonggo
  • George Endri Kusuma
Keywords: Multifunctional Freezer, Drying Box, Condenser, Fan, Salted Fish


In previous studies, a Multifunction Freezer machine was made, which is a tool similar to
a refrigerator in general, namely to cool food ingredients, but the advantages of this Multifunction
Freezer Machine are made so that it can have 2 uses, namely, to cool and dry food ingredients such
as fish etc. The weakness of the drying system in the previous multifunctional freezer machine was in
the wrong placement of the fan and condenser which resulted in a less than optimal reduction of the
water content in the ingredients (fish) for processing salted fish. The method used is to redesign or
redesign the placement of the fan and condenser so that the drying system can work optimally and
can reduce the water content of the ingredients (fish) as needed for salted fish processing. This
research is to redesign the Multifunctional Freezer machine which was previously made by placing
the fan and condenser on the left side of the drying chamber and by adding a glass heater after the
condenser and the results obtained are room temperature 48.7 oC and fish temperature 34.2 oC,
moisture content 6.583%, drying rate 0.378 gram/minute and performance factor 3.74 within 180
minutes or 3 working hours of a Multifunctional Freezer Machine.