Perencanaan Sistem Perpipaan Pemadam Kebakaran pada Galangan Kapal dengan Luas Area 114.389 m2

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Keywords: Hydrant Pillar, Head Losses, Pump Selection, Pipe Support, Material Cost.


Fires can occur anywhere and anytime, including shipyards. Fires in shipyards can cause companies
to incur repair costs, recover company assets, and provide insurance for victims. The existing extinguishing
system is still simple and does not cover the entire area. Therefore, it is necessary to plan a fire extinguishing
system with NFPA and SNI standards that can cover all areas of the company. The initial planning step is to
design the pipeline system, then select pumps, calculate pipe support requirements, and calculate estimated
material costs. This research resulted in a total head using pipe flow expert software of 210.114 m. The
percentage of errors between manual calculations and software is 3.363%. The need for pipe support for an 8-
inch pipe requires a minimum of 1 support, while a 6-inch pipe requires a minimum of 71 supports. So, the
estimated cost of materials and equipment in this plan is IDR 3,443,630,750.