Analisa Terhadap Stabilitas dan Olah Gerak pada Kapal Ferry Ro-Ro Akibat Penambahan Panjang

  • Yanuar Eka Erida
  • Raden Dimas Endro Witjonarko
  • Emie Santoso
Keywords: modification, loading, stability, center of gravity, seakeeping, deck wetness.


In this study the authors will analyze the stability and also analyze the sea condition index of the ship
after undergoing modification in addition of length. The analysis continued on checking the stability conditions of
the ship after undergoing modification of the addition of length by simulating the model and loading on the
Maxsurf software, a simulation of loading given when conditions ship departure and arrival and also examine the
condition of the waters in which the ship can sail safely according to seakeeping criteria based on Nordforsk 1987
rule. The ship after modification in all loading conditions meets the stability criteria IMO intact stability and has
better stability performance than the ship before modification.The ship after modification is not suitable to be on
the Lombok Strait shipping route in full load state because in the calculation the ship has a deck wetness
probability that exceeds 5% according to Nordfordsk 1987 regulations.