Analisa Pengaruh Sootblower Terhadap Umur Pakai Economizer tube

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Keywords: Boiler, Corrosion, Economizer Tube, UltrasonicTest, Remaining life


Economizer is a tool that serves to increase the boiler efficiency. Economizer works by utilizing heat from exhaust gases to increase the temperature of boiler feed water. In Economizer, a problem is often found, namely leakage of tubes, especially in tubes which are affected by additional steam bursts from sootblower. From the results of the study found the outside of the pipe experiencing erosion corrosion because there is a reduction in thickness, especially at nearest location . Erosion corrosion caused by sootblower auxiliary steam bursts. After testing and calculation the remaining life tube value is obtained. In thickness testing the remaining life value was 3,576 years at the location closest to the sootblower and 9,933 years at the location farthest from the sootblower. As a safety factor eating the recommended remaining life value is the thickness testing result for 3,576 years.