Ship Stabilizer Rolling System Protoype Using Automatic Fins Stabilizer with Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Method

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Banu Zuhdian Prastinanda
Edy Setiawan
Ryan Yudha Adhitya


In this research, a ship rolling stabilizer system
prototype will be developed that can help the crew and passengers on
board feel safe and comfortable when the ship is in a rolling position.
The ship to be used in this research is a fast patrol boat. At this stage,
an automatic fins stabilizer system will be built using the Adaptive
Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) method. The ANFIS
method is a combination of 2 methods, namely the fuzzy logic method
and artificial neural networks which have the advantage of making
predictions based on historical data from data learning and decision
making based on the applied rules. With an additional component,
namely the Arduino Mega, which functions as the main processor
used to process data. This prototype is also equipped with the
MPU6050 sensor which functions as a sender for the tilt angle of the
ship when rolling occurs. From the results of the test data using the
ANFIS method, it can be seen that the average time response when
given an impulse disturbance is five times the experiment has 7.16
seconds to make the ship in a stable state. And if given continuous
and constant disturbances five times the experiment has a time of 9.8
seconds. This method is good enough to use in controlling the
position of fins automatically.

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