Implementation of Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA) Module in Public Transportation Modes Based On Gps And Internet of Things

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Alief Satria Purwa Pradhana
Edy Setiawan
Dwi Sasmita Aji Pambudi


The government has provided various public
transportation facilities to solve congestion in Surabaya, such as the
Suroboyo Bus. The facilities provided are good. It is easy to monitor
Suroboyo Buses, but it is still incomplete. By utilizing the latest
technology such as Android and the internet, an Android-based and
Internet-based ETA Bus application was created to access GPS
technology in real time in providing location coordinates. This
application uses the internet to connect the vehicle to the user. There
are two accounts provided in this application, namely the driver's
account as an account that will send information from the Suroboyo
Bus vehicle. The information sent will be stored in a database with
the help of the internet, then sent to the user's account. This
information is also displayed at each bus stop via a running text
module connected to the Arduino. Wemos is used as data collection
from the database as a medium to connect to the internet. The ETA
Bus application is equipped with the KNN (K-Nearest Neighbor)
method to find out the bus has departed from the stop, will arrive at
the destination stop, or has arrived at its destination with the
character of this method, which is to recognize objects based on their
closest distance from a point. The point is between the start stop when
the bus departs and the bus stop where the Suroboyo Bus will depart.
The error rate obtained from this application is around the error at
the 0% location because the location displayed on the ETA Bus
application is always right in accordance with the current location,
at a speed with an average error of 2.215% and an error on time
accuracy of 7.92%. This error is understandable considering the data
displayed in the application is only an estimate, and adjusts to the
original state.

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