Analisis Pengaruh Variasi Heat Straightening Temperature dan Taper Angle pada Pengelasan Beda Ketebalan (Unequal Thickness) SM 490YA terhadap Sifat Mekanis dan Struktur Mikro

  • admin cwea
  • Agwitya Naufan Kinanda
Keywords: Mechanical properties, Heat straightening temperature, Taper transition, Unequal thickness


The heat straightening process is one of the deformation straightening methods after the welding process. In this research, the effect of heat straightening temperature and taper angle was analyzed on toughness, hardness, and microstructure. This study used SM490YA material with heat straightening temperature variations of 600?, 700? and 800? as well as taper angle variations of 0:0 and 1:2.5 on a metal base with a thickness of 20 mm connected to a plate with a thickness of 14 mm using a single V connection design. -Grooves. Then visual test, impact test, hardness test, two-way ANOVA analysis, and microstructure test were carried out. Visual test results showed no defects in all test specimens. From the results of the impact energy on the HAZ the highest value is 114 J while the lowest impact energy value is 35 J. The vickers hardness test results the highest average value is obtained at 171.7 HVN while the lowest average value is 131.24 HVN. Then for the microstructure test results obtained in this study there are several phases including ferrite, acicular ferrite, and pearlite