Re-desain sistem perpipaan bypass pada jalur HPH (High Pressure Heater) di PLTU Tanjung Awar-Awar Tuban

  • Zein Khana Nelvidya
  • Shah Muhammad
  • Nur Budiyanto Ekky
Keywords: , High Pressure Heater, design, bypass


High-pressure heaters will generally produce systems and fuel requirements in boilers which produce the same amount of fuel from heaters of 8801.9 kg / hour. A new alternative is needed for each HP Heater from HP Heater 3 to HP Heater 2 HP Heater 2 to the HP Heater 1 even though one HP Heater cannot make the other HP Heater stop operating and the HP Heater must be closed down. Analysis of this bypass design uses Codes & Standards with CAESAR II to keep the system safe and accurate. From the results of the study it was found that the efficiency experienced an increase of 0.32%. with estimated fabrication costs and installation of HPH bypass systems, it has been calculated as Rp. 7,100,000,000