Analisa Tegangan New Critical Line Pipe dari Discharge Compressor Scrubber Train menuju Tie In Point Existing MP Gas Scrubber Pipe pada Sistem CO2 Removal Di Fasilitas Produksi Cilamaya Utara

  • Rukman Guyen Muhammad
  • Poernomo Heroe
  • Mahardhika Pekik
Keywords: nozzle load, pipe flexibility, stress analysis, sustained load, thermal expansion


North Cilamaya Station is a plant to receive production which comes from the structure of North Cilamaya (CLU), East Cilamaya (CLT) and Bambu Gunung (BBU), so that additional production facilities are needed in North Cilamaya. One of the facilities piping system that connects Discharge Compressor Scrubber Train to Tie in point. This pipeline has 6 line numbers diameter of 6" and 10" with a design temperature of 350° F, therefore the load and expansion of heat received by the pipe is very large so that it needs proper calculations and simulations. Stress analysis in this final project focuses on static stress analysis and flexibility of the pipe which includes stress due to sustained load, thermal load, and nozzle load. From the above problems analyzed by comparing manual calculation with running results on CAESAR II software so that the stress value can be determined according to the limits of ASME B31.3. The results of manual calculations and CAESAR II software show the sustained loads, thermal loads and nozzle loads on the piping system is below the allowable limit value. So, from the results of the manual calculations or CAESAR II software states that the piping system is safe when operating.