Desain Sistem Perpipaan di Area Pasang Surut Air Laut untuk Mencegah Terjadinya Potensi Buckling

  • Dhiyanul Haq Husni
  • Endri Kusuma George
  • Agus Setiawan Priyo
Keywords: API 1102, ASME B31.4, Crossing Road, Sea Floor Pipe, Stress Analysis


Storage tank project is a pipeline construction project from storage tanks to jetty. Research on this project was carried out to prevent buckling potential,  because there is no support system on the pipeline that will be designed plus the soil is only able to withstand 8ton/25m2 load. This research is connected from above ground pipe, then crossing road with a depth of 2.1 meters, above sea floor with tidal conditions, and above ground pipe before flexible jetty. This research uses manual stress calculation and pipe modeling with CAESAR II Software and modeling above sea floor pipe used ANSYS Software. The results calculation of wall thickness minimum obtained is 0.029 in with schedule 20 and ID 8,125 in. From the results of Buoyancy calculation, the lift force of length is -1.397 lb / in. The maximum distance of pipe span is 12.7 m with the support number are 6. From manual calculations, the pipeline has a total longitudinal stress with a value of 18833.49 psi which still below the allowable stress of 18900 psi. The wave Impact of modeling section pipeline in ANSYS affected by tides have maximum deformation of 20.47 mm and a maximum Equivalent von-Mises stress of 13304.3 psi