Pengaruh Variasi Susunan Layer Dan Konsentrasi Resin FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Terhadap Laju Korosi Pada Media Asam Phosphat

  • Deny Wijaya Surya
  • Prasojo Budi
  • Eko Prayitno Muhamad Muhadi
Keywords: FRP, corrosion, effect of layer variation and resin concentration


Corrosion is one of the causes of material failure in PT. Petro Jordan Abadi. The elbow leaks due corrosion on the inner surface of the elbow. The fluid that each process of the phosphoric acid slurry.FRP material is chosen as an alternative to elbow coating, because FRP material (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) its resistance to erosion and corrosion. In this final project, the test analysis by varying the layers of V, 2M, MRM and V, 2R, RMR. Resin concentration (5: 1, 5: 2, and 5: 3). The immersion test flow is also divided into two speed of 2.2 m / s and 0 m / s. Based on ASTM C581-03 immersion testing of FRP material. From the results, it was found the corrossion rate in the fluid moved larger than stay fluid, with the result of moving fluid in the layers of V, 2M, MRM of 0.0071 mm / year, and the arrangement of V, 2R, RMR of 0.0055 mm / years. The stay fluid results in the layers of V, 2M, MRM of 0.0007mm / years, and order of V, 2R, RMR by 0.0003 mm / years. As well concentration of 5: 1 resin to mix with lowest corrosion rate.