Pengaruh Kekasaran, Kelembaban, Kekasaran Dan Suhu Terhadap Kualitas

  • Wibowo Fardhanyansah
  • Sidi Pranowo
  • Bisono Fipka
Keywords: rubber lining, peeling test, humidity, roughness, temperature, anova minitab


The process of application rubber lining is most comon used on carbon steel material passed by phosphoric acid fluid. The quality of the adhesive force between the rubber and the carbon steel will determine the result of the lining application.. This study uses F test anova and minitab software to process and determine how the influence of external factors such as humidity, roughness and temperature to the quality of bonding strenght of rubber to metal. For testing use ASTM D 903-93 standard. This research used variation of humidity as much as 60%, 70%, 80%, roughness of iron sand 69μm, steel grit A 101μm, steel grit B 115μm and temperature variation of 16 ° C, 28 ° C, 38 ° C. From result of peeling test which then manual calculation with factorial and minitab software got result that all variable influence to rubber lining process because F value calculation bigger than F table and calculation from minitab software the value equivalent with manual calculation. Most effective humidity for rubber lining process is 60 %, the most effective roughness for the rubber lining process is 101μm and the most effective temperature is 16 ° C.