Analisa Tegangan Pada Critical Line Pipa Penyalur Paraxylene Line No 24”-P-248031-A2A2-HC75

  • Riyanto Jupri
  • Indartono Arie
  • Nur Budiyanto Ekky
Keywords: Displacement, Plant process, Software CAESAR II 2014, Support


The plant process piping system located at aromatic unit  precisely the line 24 "-P-248031-A2A2-HC75 in Tuban refinery company flows the paraylene fluid with pipe API 5L Grade B with  thickness  11.9 mm. The current case that occurs in D6 and D7 support caused by temperature rise from 566.6 ° F to 671 ° F and increase pressure from 9.18 barG to 13.15 barG. Field measurement results show  value 240 mm for support  D6 and 235 mm for support  D7, the value of allowable displacement determined by the contractor is 180 mm. Piping system with diameter  24 "and  temperature  671 ° F requires further technical analysis. The stress analysis is carried  to keep the piping system safe to operate within the constraints of ASME B31.3. Therefore it is necessary to do the stress analysis by calculation method using software CAESAR II 2014. From the calculation results obtained value of the stress that occurs on the system is allowable, but the displacement is over from permissible limits. So the system needs redesigned, from the process redesign resulted addition 1 loop with type three dimensional loop, and need to addition pipe with lenght 26,718 m and fitting elbow 90 as much 6 seeds.