Analisis Desain De-ethanizer Coloumn 043-T-31002 dan Support Akibat Pengaruh dari Wind Load dan Seismic Load pada Proyek Pembangunan Kilang LNG Tangguh Train 3 di Teluk Bintuni, Papua Barat

  • Imamah Rahmadhani Nadia
  • Miftachul Munir Mohammad
  • Choirul Rizal Mochammad
Keywords: ANSYS, De-ethanizer coloumn, Maximum deflection


The design of a pressure vessel requires several aspects of calculation, including internal and external loads. In addition there are other factors into consideration, including wind and earthquake factors. In this research will be discussed the influence of wind factor and also earthquake against De-ethanizer coloumn 043-T-31002. In De-ethanizer coloumn 043-T-31002 will be hand calculating which includes detail dimension analysis, maximum deflection due to wind effect, and seismic analysis. Hand calculating refers to ASME Sec.VIII div. 1 and ASCE 7-10. In addition to hand calculating methods will be analyzed software using PV Elite and ANSYS to find out the location of the greatest stress on De-ethanizer coloumn 043-T-31002. From the results of hand calculation and the results of PV Elite software calculation obtained different thickness of shell and head. From those results will be simulated on Elite PV software, and ANSYS to get deflection value and von misses value. From the simulation obtained deflection value that still meet the requirements, as well as the maximum  von misses does not exceed the value of its allowable stress.