Analisa Teknis dan Ekonomis Proteksi Perlindungan Pipa Crossing Rel Kereta Api di KP 0+020 Jaringan Pipa Transmisi Gresik – Semarang

  • Fatih Zacky Jazuli Muhammad
  • Wirawan Husodo Adi
  • Erawati Ika
Keywords: Pipeline, Pipeline Crossing, Cased Pipe, Uncased Pipe


Pipeline Crossing is pipe crossing that passes trough any existing buildings such as railroad. In such case,  cover protection is necessary for protecting pipe from damages such as cracks, ovality and others. There are two types of cover protection for pipe crossin,  they are cased pipe and uncased pipe, in wich both require stress calculation and cost calculation for cased pipe and uncased pipe. In this research, qualitative description method was used to calculate stress calculation and cost calculation. The results of calculation shows that the value of stress on the cased pipe is smaller than uncased pipe.  Whreas the  cost calculation shows  that the cost of cased pipe is more expensive than cost of uncased pipe. As the result, based on the data calculation, cased pipe is more recommended than uncased pipe on railway pipeline crossing because it  has the smaller value of stress though need cost is more expensive.