Desain Jalur Pipa dari Flare Knockout Drum 43 MBD 310/401 menuju Flare Stack

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Keywords: Displacement, flare, pressure drop, stress


Piping flare system is designed with 165Psi pressure, 63Psi operating pressure. Design temperature is 250°F and operating temperature is 225°F. Initial design design has a displacement of -5.77 on the X axis and -9.80 on the Z axis due to thermal expansion. Project specifications state a maximum displacement of 50mm or 2in. Variation in the dimensions of the expansion loop is done to determine the effect on the displacement value. The planned expansion dimensions are 12m for design I, 18m for design II, and 24m for design III. Stress and pressure drop in the piping system are also considered in addition to the displacement value.The magnitude of the direction of the X-axis displacement after the addition of the expansion loop in design I, design II and design III is 1,66in, 1,585in and 1,397in, respectively. Whereas in the Z axis direction is 1,790in, 1,15in and 1,147in. Stress analysis using manual and software shows that the valaue is accepted based on ASME B31.3 standard. While the maximum thermal load value based on software analysis is 896.9Psi, 621.6Psi, and 591.2Psi. Pressure drop analysis performed on design III shows a value of 0.198Psi.