Pemilihan Sistem Pengendali Buoyancy Force pada Pipeline dengan Pertimbangan Faktor Construction Methods

  • Ardhi Rahmawan Kusuma
  • Endri Kusuma George
  • Arumsari Nurvita
Keywords: Analytic Hierarchy Process, Construction methods, Pipeline, Swampy Area


One of the pipeline processing natural gas through the swamp, the swamp itself had a buoyancy  and required a leads me to those the force. The method used to analyze the controller buoyancy  is AHP. AHP methods or method of Analytic Hierarchy Process can recommend control buoyancy  in accordance with the situation. The analysis was based on variables a length of pipe, the kind of material, the characteristics of the swamp, and the cost of a basic selection criteria are based on design basis, request client, as well as expert judgment. AHP methods will result in a recommendation of the control of buoyancy  between change thickness a pipe or the use of concrete saddle weight. Based on the results of analysis AHP methods to the weight of each the criteria of 0,748 to use concrete saddle weight and 0,252 to change thickness pipe. Methods installation used for the installation of concrete saddle weight is the method of push pull. The calculation that were present less than the value of SMYS of 32881.93 so that the pipeline was declared as safe.