Distribusi Tegangan Pada Support Pipa Soot Blower Akibat Perubahan Beban Thermal Pada Boiler

  • admin CPEAA
  • Irfan Rosyidi Muhammad
  • Shah Muhammad
  • sdr Sudiyono
Keywords: soot blower, support, sustained load, thermal expantion


Soot blower in a boiler is worked by utilizing superheated steam on boiler that is by pass and use platen to soot blower pipe. Further analysis about piping on soot blower is needed moreover if it has high temperature and high pressure. To drain off steam, soot blower has been designed to work in the pressure and temperature, these are 17.4Mpa and 541°C. Stress analyzis in this final project was focus on sustained load and thermal expantion calculation. ASME B31.3 code will be used as guide in this analyzis. The result of this analyzis is the sustained load which is the rate of manual calculation was 1533.146621 lb/inand result of running software was 2017.11 lb/in2. In thermal expantion the lowest rate is 19173.64 lb/in2   for manual calculation, beside the lowest rate software calcuation is 21505 lb/in2. On laying support it was choosen 2 support pipe for soot blower pipe, the place is 1250mm from output superheater boiler and the other one place is in intake soot blower.