Evaluasi Kegagalan Pressure Control Valve (PCV) Pada Line 8-GZ-654-5205-F9E-100A

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Keywords: pressure control valve, crittical matrix, API 581, OREDA, Probability Of Failure, Consequence Of failure


Abstract -   Pressure control valve (PCV) is one valve that serves to control the amount of flow or to limit the pressure in the piping system. Pressure-lowering devices such as pressure control valve (PCV) can produce a high level of acoustical energy because one of the causes occurs at pressure reducing. Continuous vibration can cause failure of each pressure control valve (PCV). The method used in this study is identification by using fault tree analysis (FTA). Where from the results of the fault tree analysis (FTA) method, a critical component of the pressure control valve (PCV) will be obtained. From the critical component, the probability of failure (POF) and consequence of failure (COF) values will be obtained by referring to previous research and API 581 standards. The analysis using the fault tree analysis (FTA) method, the critical component occurs at the body valve where there is erosion due to degradation. The value of the rate of degradation failure by referring to the OREDA (Offshore Reliability Data Handbook) is 8,47/106 hours. From the results of the failure rate and referring to the previous research, the critical matrix values based on API 581 standard are included in the medium high criteria