Analisa Frost Formation Pada Pipa Berinsulasi Reflux Accumulator Menuju Score Column Reflux Pump di Kilang LPG

  • Nizar Zulfi Ahmad
  • Shah Muhammad
  • Moballa Burniadi
Keywords: frost formation, LPG, Numerical Study


The LPG fluid has a very low operating temperature of about -90 ËšF. Thermal insulation to adjust the temperature to the surrounding environment, because of its elements and temperature as the main element for each-hydrocarbon. On the other hand, the activation of the Frost Formation phenomenon in the pipe process around the Score Column allows for the formation of moisture between pipe surfaces with insulation inner layers. In this paper, a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) model is proposed to predict frost formation and growth with the benefit of the nucleation theory. The phenomena of frost formation on a cold surface placed in a stream of humid air are simulated using this model. The results show that the frost grows faster in the upstream region. In the initial period, the mass transfer from water vapor to frost layer mainly contributes to the increase of frost thickness. frost growth rate increase significantly due to flowtime. The effect of humidity and temperature are discussed.