Efek Variasi Jumlah Conical Strip Inserts pada Perpindahan Panas di dalam Tube dengan Aliran Satu Fase

  • hamim thohari syaifullah
  • mustaghfirin M. anis
  • moballa burniadi
Keywords: Conical strips inserts, ,Friction factor, Nusselt number, Performance Evaluation Criteria (PEC), single phase


Abstract - Characteristic of circular tube fitted with multiple conical strip inserts is investigated. Previous studies related with present study heat transfer found that addition single conical strip inserts make nusselt number increase. Unfortunately, it is also increase pressure drop value. This work improve their work by adding number of conical strips inserts.The modification model become 4 variation number of conical strip inserts (n = 2, 3, 4, and 5) with a kind of central angle of 20 o, the result show that the best performance is achieved by 2 strips.